If there is something that distinguishes CrossFit from all other types of group training, it is the community. To us community is as important as our motivation to train, our desire to perform the proper movement technique and to be healthy.


Unfortunately, aggression, fear and malice are not strangers to us nowadays. They are often caused by the isolation and loneliness that we experience in our everyday lives, by the lack of community where to share and experience new things. How can CrossFit change this?


In fact, there’s no special recipe. But it is a fact that at the end of the work day different people gather in the gym, sweat together, work hard on their weaknesses together and together achieve success. Through these experiences they become friends and there are no barriers between them. We become friends with people we haven’t even imagined. And this is how the expectations that we’ve had for ourselves and the rest of the world start to change. And maybe, bit by bit, we start looking at people outside the gym in a different way as if everyone can be a potential friend or a community member.


Therefore, we can boldly state that CrossFit is for everybody, regardless of their sex, age, race and physical preparedness. CrossFit is for everyone who wants to find new friends and be a friend; for everyone who wants to improve and each time to be a little better than before.


But let’s learn about this sense of community from the first person experience of the people who train in the gym.

Community athlete