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CrossFit is becoming increasingly popular, even in Bulgaria. There aren’t many licensed CrossFit gyms such as ours, as well as licensed coaches (regardless of the Level). However, the popularity of the sport at a global level causes many instructors to use CrossFit as a force of attraction to their programmes and “Globo gyms”.


There is a reason why your first CrossFit encounter should happen in front of the eyes and under the guidance of a licensed coach. A person who knows well the philosophy of the sport and can offer an individual approach and scaling of the training so that you get to loving CrossFit and not get disgusted.

This is why we here give you 5 pieces of advice on how to start practicing CrossFit and what to seek for the maximum benefit:


If we want to try with CrossFit, we usually look for a gym close to our home or office, or we compare prices, training hours. Certainly, these components are important in order to feel good and to get fully involved into the activity. However, our experience shows that, for a beginner, the most essential thing is to choose a coach or coaches who suit him, who will determine his/her level, get him/her familiar with CrossFit in the most positive way and not make him do things he/she cannot or does not want to do. In this way, you could avoid the situation where your first encounter with CrossFit may turn out to be the last.


We place convenience of the place where you will train second. When we’ve been working for 8 hours, there is no need to lose more time to do something we love. Choose a gym that is close to your office or home so you can work out before or after work or in the lunch break. Thus, sport will be real fun, not a torture.


Maybe there is no need to say it, but the appearance of the gym is also important. Is it clean, is there everything needed for a good CrossFit workout? If you want to return to the gym again and again, then these conditions have been met.


Many people, especially in unlicensed gyms lacking certified coaches, impose the feeling that CrossFit is all about going to the gym and giving the maximum of you, regardless of whether you have learned the movements, whether it is pleasant to you or whether this will finally cause you unpleasant sensations.

In fact, choosing a CrossFit location also depends on the coaches to determine your level, to what extent you are familiar with the movements, what is your physical preparedness and most important – do you want to compete with the other athletes or you just want to maintain a good shape in a pleasant company. Based on all these elements, coaches will determine how you should make your first steps in CrossFit and how far you should go.


CrossFit workouts are group activities, which sooner or later results in the creation of a pretty cohesive community in and outside the gym. When you go to the next WOD you will see the same people, you will sweat together with them, you will compete with them, and after the training, you will all discuss and laugh together. If you do not like the people, you will probably need to find a different place for CrossFit.


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